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MTC-500 -- 8 GPM Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing - 110V-60Hz or 230V-50Hz

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MTC-1000-LX -- 16 GPM Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing - 110V-60Hz or 220V-50Hz

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MTC-3000 -- 25 GPM Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing - 110V-60Hz or 230V-50Hz

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Mobile Tank Cleaning System

Flexible, Mobil, Efficient

MTC3000 Mobil Tank Cleaning System

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Diesel Fuel Before and After

Before and after fuel cleaned by the ALGAE-X MTC

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Debris and Water Removed
from the Bottom of the
Fuel/Water Separator

Sediment removed with ALGAE-X MTC System

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MTC 500-AFR(1)

MTC-1000 &
MTC-1000 LX (2)


Pump Rate

8 gpm
480 gph
Self priming
brass gear

3 to 8 gph
(1,500 liter/h)
180 to 480 gph
(600-1,500 liter/h)
Self priming
gear pump,
with variable
speed drive

15 gpm
900 gph
Self priming
rotary vane
pump, integrated
bypass valve &

26 gpm
1560 gph
Self priming
rotary vane
pump, integrated
bypass valve
& strainer


1" & 3/4" Quick Disconnect

3/4" Quick Disconnect

1" Quick Disconnect (2)

1-1/2" or
1-1/4" Quick Disconnect

Clear Vacuum
Suction Hose

1" (oil),
or 3/4"
(diesel only),
25 ft. (7.5m)

25 ft. (7.5m)

25 ft. (7.5m)

1 1/2",
25 ft. (7.5m)

Flexible HP
Discharge Hose

25 ft. (7.5m)

25 ft. (7.5m)

25 ft. (7.5m)

25 ft. (7.5m)


or 230V/50Hz

or 230V/50Hz

or 230V/50Hz

or 230V/50Hz







140 lbs. (65kg.)

150 lbs. (65kg.)

160 lbs.

200 lbs.

(H x W x D)

x25" (122x

x25" (122x

x25" (122x

x25" (122x


Maint. free, centrifugal water

Spin On
Filter Cartridges

Spin-on Water Block Filter:
WB-3 Micron or WB-10 Micron
Spin-on Fine Filter: FF-3, FF-10, or FF-25 Micron

(1) "Adjustable Flow Rate"
(2) The MTC-1000 LX is the same as MTC-1000 except with all stainless steel piping and standard with Cam & Groove Ports

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below
100 deg. F (e.g.: Gasoline, Alcohol, ...)

Additional Information
ALGAE-X Mobil Tank Cleaning Systems

Specification Sheets:

Operating Manuals:

Spill Prevention Berm

Heavy duty, portable and reusable spill prevention berms are recommended to avoid accidental fluid leakage into the environment. 48 inches X 48 inches X 6 inches - can be rolled.

Spill Protection Berm

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MTC Pre-Filtering Options

Pre-Filter Vessels

Algae-X® Pre-Filter Vessels are Bag Filter Systems custom designed to be a powerful addition to your Mobile Tank Cleaning System. They provide large capacity, heavy-duty pre-screening for tank cleaning jobs with large amounts of sludge, rust scale, and other contaminants. By incorporating a Pre-Filter Vessel into your system you will extend the useful life of disposable filtration cartridges, thereby reducing the cost of disposable filter elements, and protect the pump and other components of the MTC unit from damage, extending the life of your equipment. The PF-10 is sized for use with the MTC-500 and MTC-1000 Mobil Tank Cleaning Systems. The PF-30 and PF-30HD are sized for use with the MTC-3000 Mobil Tank Cleaning System. Both PF-30 and PF-30HD have the same utility and capacity, but the PF-30HD is constructed of heavier grade materials and made to operate in more sever conditions and situations where transport of the unit is likely to receive more abuse.

A cart mounted PF-30HD is available mounted on a two-wheel cart for ease of transport between job sites. See the Pre-Filter page for more information.

More Information:

Pre-Filter Assembly PF-10 / PF-30

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Mobil Tank Cleaner

The ALGAE-X Mobil Tank Cleaning (MTC) System is a three-stage mobile tank cleaning system that recondition, stabilize and decontaminates Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel and light Hydraulic Fluids. It efficiently removes sludge, water and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. The MTC system excels in low operating cost and compact design, and cleans tanks and restores fuels and oils to their "Clear & bright" condition. It eliminates fuel "algae" issues, clogged filters and tank sludge, providing Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance and Reliability.

ALGAE-X MTC Systems are built with industrial quality components mounted on a heavy-duty aluminum frame. These MTCs feature brass plumbing and quick disconnect fittings. A clear suction hose show fuel flow and clarity. The large drip tray is designed to prevent spillage. Fuel can be polished without using any consumables by connecting the discharge hose to the quick disconnect, bypassing the filter. A pressure gauge is installed on the spin-on filter head to ensure optimal filter usage. All MTC models also come with a liquid-filled stainless-steel vacuum gauge.

The MTC System processes fuel or oil by pumping it from the tank through the intake hose to the intake port, through the ALGAE-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner, and then through the Separ centrifugal separator to remove water and particulates that can be easily drained from the system. Then the fuel passes through the coalescing fine filter that removes contaminants down to 10 microns.

The MTC 500-AFR is equipped with a variable speed drive. The controller monitoring LEDs show status and power. The drive combines a high-starting torque with a soft pump start. It eliminates in-rush current to protect the motor. The adjustable flow rate makes this MTC suitable for a wide range of tanks.

The MTC 1000 and 3000 Mobil Tank Cleaning Systems processes fuel or oil by pumping it from the tank through the intake hose to the intake port (Port 1), through the oil-water-sludge separator/coalescer unit and the ALGAE-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner. At this point you can connect the discharge hose to either Port 2 or Port 3. Connecting the discharge hose to Port 2 sends the fuel directly back to the tank, bypassing the Industrial Type Water Block Fine Filter. Starting the cleaning process in this way allows the coalescer unit and MFC to do their job and break down the coarse, heavy debris. After "taking out the big pieces" connect the discharge hose to Port 3. This will direct the fuel through the water block fine filter and then back to the tank. In this way, filters will not be used up quickly. Ports 1, 2 and 3 are equipped with Quick Disconnect Couplings that easily connect to the matching couplings on suction and discharge hoses.

MTC Options: Digital Flow Meter to monitor performance and measure the amount of treated fuel or oil. As an extra layer of protection for your MTC motor, the MG-01 Motor Guard mounts directly over the electric motor with four bolts, protecting the electrical housing. The MTC Prescreen Strainer pre-filters for heavily contaminated fluids.

ALGAE-X MTC Systems remove water and sediments from tanks and dramatically improve the filterability, combustion and stability of the fuel, providing Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance & Reliability.

ALGAE-X Fuel conditioning makes engines more fuel efficient, reduces smoke and emissions; while lowering downtime, maintenance and operating costs.

The darker sample on the left was taken before the Tank Cleaning and, shows the effects of fuel degradation and the formation of suspended solids. The sample on the right was taken after cleaning the tank and restoring the fuel to its Optimal Clear and Bright condition.

Larger capacity tank cleaning and fuel polishing systems are available.


All storage tanks naturally accumulate water, solids and sludge resulting from condensation and the degradation of fuel and oil. The more fuel we put into and take out of a tank the more debris and water will accumulate in the bottom. ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioning and Filtration Systems eliminate the need for costly periodic tank cleaning, while stabilizing and extending the shelf life of fuel. This is extremely important for all applications of long-term fuel storage, especially emergency generators.

The Algae-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System is compact, easy to operate and extremely versatile. It is ideal for use:

  • in marinas, to clean tanks on board of all types of vessels

  • at construction sites

  • in remote areas with on-site fuel storage for heavy equipment

  • in service trucks maintaining standby generators.

  • in truck/vehicle depots

The MTC has three different operating modes providing the operator flexibility and efficiency.

In Phase One, bulk water and sludge are removed from the tank into a separate container for disposal. In Phase One the fuel bypasses the filter. The Separator/Coalescer and Algae-X Fuel Conditioner work in conjunction removing free water, sludge, and particulate, as small as 5 micron, from the tank. The system is not in a re-circulating mode. The fuel enters through Port 1 and exits through Port 2 into a separate container. Water and sludge is directly removed from the tank and collected in an appropriate container for disposal.

In Phase Two, the MTC system is in the re-circulating mode, continuously restoring, reconditioning and returning the fuel back to the tank. Phase Two will continuously remove free water and particles as small as 5 micron using only the water separator and ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner. The fuel enters in Port 1 and returns back to the tank from Port 2. The fuel bypasses the filter, which will economize on consumable filter elements. Phase two will restore the fuel to a clear and bright condition.

In Phase Three, the MTC system is still in a recirculating mode. The fuel enters through Port 1 and exits through Port 3 back to the tank. In addition to the water separator and ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner, this phase incorporates the water block/fine filter removing even invisible particles down to 3 micron, as well as entrained and emulsified water.

Phase Three will restore the fuel to its optimal pristine and sparkling condition.

The use of ALGAE-X AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst is highly recommended. The catalyst is introduced into the tank during Phase Two. Before dosing the tank with AFC-705, remove as much of the sludge and free water as possible.

Adding the Algae-X Fuel Catalyst (AFC-705) to the tank will speed up the cleaning process by breaking down, dispersing and dissolving the sludge and slime covering the tank walls and baffles. AFC-705 will decontaminate compartments of the tank that are out of reach of the suction hose. Using a double dose of one to twenty five hundred (1:2500) instead of one to five thousand (1:5000) has proven to be very helpful in accelerating the rate of dissolving the sludge.

After cleaning the tanks you will need to:

1. Stabilize the Fuel -- AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst should always be used to stabilize the fuel in tanks used for long-term fuel storage. When there is no Algae-X re-circulating system in place, AFC-705 will maintain fuel quality and prevent formation of solids for six to twelve months. If it has been added during the tank cleaning phase it is not necessary to use AFC-705 again for 6 months or more.

2. Prevent Water from Accumulating -- The use of Algae-X Water Eliminators will prevent water from accumulating in the tank. The water eliminators will absorb and remove any future water from condensation or other sources. Preventing water accumulation eliminates microbial growth and the need for toxic biocides.

3. Monitor Fuel Quality -- Liqui-Cult Fuel Test Kits are ideal to monitor your fuel supply for microbial contamination. The tests quantify bacterial and fungal activity.

  • Algae-X Tank Cleaning Systems significantly lower operating costs, save fuel, eliminate periodic tank cleaning and the build up of solids, sludge and acids.

  • Algae-X Technology enhances personnel safety and addresses environmental concerns by preventing the need for costly toxic biocides.

  • Larger capacity Mobile and Stationary Tank Cleaning Systems are available.