TK Portable Tank Cleaning
System Components

Replacement Filters, Fuel Filter/Water Separator, Supplemental Strainer and Hose for TK180 Portable Tank Cleaning Kit

TK 080 -- Fuel Filter with Clear Bowl and Drain - 10-Micron Filter Cartridge
3/4" NPT ports / 4" Dia. x 9.5" Ht.

  • TK 081 -- 10-Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Cartridge

  • TK 082 -- 15-Micron Water-Block Fuel Filter Cartridge

  • TK 083 -- 40-Mesh (380 Micron) Cleanable Stainless Fuel Filter Cartridge

  • TK 084 -- 80-Mesh (178 Micron) Cleanable Stainless Fuel Filter Cartridge

  • TK 088 -- Filter Wrench for TK 080

TK 08 Fuel Filter

TK 070 -- T-Strainer with Clear Bowl and 40 Mesh (380 Micron) Stainless Screen

  • 1/2" NPT ports -- 3 37/64" W --5 3/8" Ht.

TK070 T-Strainer

TK-060 Stand and Spill Tray

  • Weight: 5 lbs.

TK-060 Stand and Spill Tray

TK 088 -- Filter Wrench

  • For use with TK 080 Fuel Filter

TK-088 Filter Wrench

  • TK 020 -- Teflon Thread Sealant - 0.20 oz. - 6ml Tube

  • TK 050 -- 1/2" Clear Reinforced Suction Hose

  • TK 051 -- 1/2" Flexible High Pressure Blue Discharge Hose

Water Finding Paste

To determine the amount of water and sludge in a tank an old and tried method is called "sticking the tank." This means using a stick with "Kolor Kut" paste on the end that reaches through the top all the way to the bottom of the tank. Kolor Kut paste will show the water level in the tank and indicate how much water and sludge will have to be removed.

Water Finding Paste

MSDS for Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste

Digital Timer

In some applications, a digital timer that allows for automatic starting and stopping of fuel circulation allows for regular fuel polishing without the need to manually set the operation in motion. Care should be taken with this type of installation as freely circulating fuel unattended could cause problems should a fuel line leak or other damage to the system allow fuel to leak. The fuel pumps provide a great amount of flow and can empty the fuel into the vessel or onto the ground in short order. This digital timer is offered as a replacement for the STS Systems that provide sensors to deal with this problem and is not recommended for other applications.