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TK 080 - Fuel Filter with Clear Bowl (15 Micron Water Block Element)

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TK 088 Filter Wrench for TK 080

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Goldenrod® Fuel Tank Filter

TK080 Fuel Tank Filter

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Features of the TK 080
Fuel Tank Filter

  • Type: See-Thru Bowl

  • Flow: 5 GPM

  • Head: 24 ft.

  • Bowl: See-Through impact resistant Plastic

  • Working Pressure: 150 PSI

  • Width: 4-5/16"

  • Height: 9-1/2"

  • Outside Dia.: 4"

  • Inlet: 3/4" NPT

  • Outlet: 3/4" NPT

  • Weight: 3 lbs.

  • Includes: (1) Cap, (1) Bowl With Drain, (1) 10-Micron Particulate Filter Element

Ideal for farm, construction and industrial use. Water-blocking fuel filter features a filter media that absorbs and removes all water from fuel. Can be used with gasoline, diesel, gasohol and other fuels. Element contains a water-absorbing polymer which absorbs and traps water as it passes through the filter element.


  • Impact-resistant see-through bowl

  • Easy-to-use sediment drain valve

  • Alcohol and impact resistance see-through bowl has working pressure of 150 PSI

  • Heavy-duty zinc top cap provides durability and excellent bowl-to-top cap seal

  • Recommend using Fuel Filter Wrench (TK 088, sold separately) to easily remove filter bowl in the field

  • Can be used in applications where fuel is fed by gravity or on a hand-crank pump application

You may add the option of the CI-12 Pressure Gauge. When the color coded gauge face indicates there is a restriction to flow, the filter is restricted and the filter element is due for changing.

Available Filter Elements include 15-micron WATER-BLOCK filters that remove water from gasoline and diesel fuel. Water-absorbing polymers trap water, restricting fuel flow when it is time to replace the element. Also removes microscopic particles (15 microns) of rust, sand, dirt, scale and lint. Also compatible with biodiesel blends up to 20%. Note: When used with fuel containing alcohol, the water-absorbing feature is disabled. Zinc die-cast top cap with 3/4 inch NPT pipe fittings. See-Thru bowl allows for visual monitoring of fuel flow. Working pressure up to 150 PSI and flows up to 5 gpm (gravity fed) at 24 inch head.

Two stainless steel cleanable and reusable filter elements, in 40 mesh and 80 mesh, that are washable and re-usable, are available to filter badly degraded/contaminated fuel to reduce the cost of disposable filter elements

TK083 40-Mesh Screen for Fuel Tank FilterTK081 10-Micron Element for Fuel Tank Filter

For a complete list of filter elements available for the Fuel Tank Filter, click here.