About Pecuniary

Pecuniary (pi kyu’ne er’e), adj. 1. of or having to do with money: I pass my whole life, miss, in turning an immense pecuniary mangle (Dickens). 2. in the form of money: pecuniary assistance, a pecuniary gift. The World Book Dictionary

. . . it’s about making money!

. . . it’s about saving money!

. . . it’s about using your money wisely to improve the quality of your life!

Pecuniary, Inc., is an Independent Representative of  Fine Companies Offering Premium Products that Provide Efficiency, Economy, and Superior Performance.

Pecuniary, Inc., was founded in 1994 as a marketeer of premium products that help equipment owners overcome common problems that result from difficulties with fuel, lubricants and filtration. These problems are associated with the products produced by oil companies for use in all kinds of equipment. Pecuniary, Inc., markets products that address these performance and cost savings concerns of all equipment owners, from the smallest 2-cycle engine on lawn and garden maintenance equipment, to the largest diesel engines in heavy construction equipment and ocean-going marine vessels. Although this covers a broad range of equipment, many problems associated with fuel, lubrication, and filtration are common across this broad spectrum of daily life. These pages are directed to anyone that owns equipment or maintains equipment, from the shade-tree mechanic to the corporate executive who recognizes that an investment in preventative maintenance and quality products provide, in the long run, the best dollar pay-back.

Price is important to many individuals, but when an understanding of product function and long term cost is understood and taken into consideration the importance of a lower up-front price that just “meets specification” wanes while the sweet taste of long term savings endure. Whether your interest involves your basic family transportation, recreational vehicles, marine, emergency power supply, or the powering of the equipment that allows your company to produce those needed bottom-line results, the products on these pages dramatically solve problems, greatly reduce the long term effects of waste on the environment, and provide you all of the benefits of superior protection and extended use.

The products marketed at diesel-fuels.com provide a means to address very specific problems inherent in the transportation, marine and power generation business. With problem fuels, your equipment will not perform to your expectations and the cost of maintenance, and the engine’s reliability and useful life will suffer. Utilizing the best synthetic lubricants and filtration products provide immediate savings by extending service intervals and reducing downtime, while providing long-term cost savings in reducing maintenance and by extending the economic life of equipment.

We at Pecuniary, Inc., hope that you will find products in these pages that will work to reduce your costs, increase the productivity of your equipment, and contribute greatly to your bottom line. That is our goal!