Automatic Water Drain System

Available for STS Series and Select FPS Series Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning Systems

Auto Water Drain on Separ Primary Filter in STS 7003 System

Example of Auto Water Drain
Option in the STS 7003 System
Showing Both Manual Drain and
the AWD Pump and Screen

The Automatic Water Drain (AWD) System is comprised of a DC gear pump, solenoid shut off valve, and a strainer that will automatically remove water collected in the sump or bowl of the water / fuel separator, typically the Primary Filter (Separ Fuel / Water Separator) in the FPS Compact Series AC Powered Systems or in the STS Series.  Systems that utilize the SFC-50 Controller will need to upgrade to the SFC-70 Controller.

The Automatic Water Drain System cannot be used on any system whose primary power is 12 volt or 24 volt.

How it Works

When the water level in the filter bowl accumulates to the point that the contacts sensor in the bowl completes a close circuit, the Controller alerts the AWD pump and the water is deposited into a 15 gallon capacity waste water drum.  A cleanable screen is located between the filter bowl and the pump to catch any coarse debris before it would pass through the pump.  When the water recedes to a lower level, the pump stops.

Auto Water Drain Components

Auto Water Drain Components
in an FPS Compact System

The waste water drum has a float switch to prevent operation if the waste drum reaches its holding capacity.  Should a high water level alert occurs, but the barrel has reached capacity, inter-connectivity with the main System Controller will shut down operation and provide an alert that the System requires operator attention.

The Auto Water Drain Option is Standard on the SFC-70 & 80 Controllers, as well as the TSC-70 & 80 Controllers.  Existing systems will require upgrade to the appropriate system Controller to be retrofitted with the Automatic Water Drain option.

Systems Compatible with the Automatic Water Drain System

  • All FPS Compact Systems powered by AC Power that are equipped with the SFC-70 or SFC-80 Controllers.
  • All STS 6000 Systems equipped with the SFC 70 or 80 Controllers.  The STS 6000 SF-X requires upgrade to the SFC 70 or 80 Controller.
  • All STS 7000 Systems equipped with or upgrade to the SFC-70 or SFC-80, or the TSC-70 / 80 Controller.
  • The MTC HC-50, if upgraded to the SFC 70 or 80 Controller.
  • The MTC HC-90 Systems equipped with the SFC-70 or 80 or TSC-70 or 80 Controller.
  • The MTC HC-150 and 300 equipped with the SFC-80 or TSC-80 Controller

If you presently have one of the above Systems with a prior Controller model, you may upgrade to having the Automatic Water Drain System, and must also upgrade to an appropriate Controller. Please contact us for additional information.

Optional Equipment Available for use with the Automatic Water Drain System

  • A metal stand that may be fastened to the floor is available for holding the Waste Water Barrel in position.
  • A Heater Strap is available for use with the Waste Water Barrel in an installation where the Waste Water may be subject to freezing.