Blessey Marine Combines Use of AFC Series Diesel Fuel Catalyst,
Fuel Stabilizer and Tank Cleaning Additives
with LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners

Cut Costs, Cut Emissions

That was the result for Mississippi-based Blessey Marine when they used AXI Internation’s fuel conditioning systems

Blessey operates 80 tank barges and 40 tow boats, ranging from 700hp to 3,200hp, and port engineer Mark Dufriend turned to AXI after having major problems with on of his barges.

DPC Cover“I was changing fuel filters every 17 hours and was ready to send the barge to the shipyard and have the fuel tanks pumped out and cleaned,” he said.

He first tried treating the fuel with AFC Series AFC-705 fuel catalyst … which solved the problem. After several months and 200 hours without a fuel filter change, Mark estimates that the savings on tank cleaning alone exceeded US$5,000 — and he now treats fuel tanks on all Blessey’s boats and barges.

Based on the success of the fuel catalyst, Mark went on to install the firm’s LG-X 3000 fuel conditioners on 95ft workboat Dreamer Klaiber, fitted with 3,200hp Cummins KAT50-M2 engines.

Blessey Marine “Before installing the fuel conditioners on the main engines and generators, the fuel filters needed replacement at every oil change,” Mark continued. “Afterwards, the captain finally replaced the fuel filters at the third oil change — he just felt guilty, the filters really didn’t need changing!

That convinced Mark to institute a total fuel systems management program that will see LG-X Series conditioners installed on all Blessey’s boats and barges.

“Our technology is about optimizing the fuel quality to perform better,” AXI’s Bill O’Connell told DPC. The firm also worked with dredging contractors Manson Construction to help cure their fuel and emission problems and, Bill continued: “Our systems aid filtration, but that same benefit results in better fuel combustion — Manson saw less particulate emissions as well as better fuel consumption.”

Excerpt from the November, 2004 issue of Dredging and Port Construction magazine article entitled A Breath Of Fresh Air?