AMSOIL Diesel Recovery
Emergency Fuel Treatment for Gelled Diesel Fuel

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery

Diesel Fuel Treatment That Dissolves The Wax Crystals That Form When Temperatures Have Dropped Lower Than Your Diesel Fuel's Cloud Point

Fast Recovery

Equipment powered with diesel fuel often operate in extremely cold environments and face some unique challenges. 

As the temperature drops, wax naturally found in diesel fuel begins to form crystals.  The point at which wax crystals form is known as the cloud point.  Diesel Fuel quickly becomes hazy or cloudy in appearance.  The fuel flow quickly slows or stops, bringing your diesel equipment to an abrupt stop.

These wax crystals can eventually clog the fuel filter and starve the engine of fuel.  This can prevent it from starting or can even stall out a running engine.

Water can collect in fuel tanks.  As fuel is consumed, air is drawn into the tank through the tank vent.  Moisture in the air can condense on the sides of the tank and collect in the tank bottom.  Should water enter the fuel line, it can collect in the low sections of the fuel line.  When temperatures drop, the water can freeze solid and bring equipment to a stop until the fuel line blockage is removed.

Diesel Recovery quickly dissolves gelled fuel to allow the operator to continue driving with minimal downtime.  It separates the molecular bonds of wax crystals that have agglomerated in diesel fuel.  It also thaws frozen fuel lines and filters and reduces the need for a new filter, saving money and preventing an inconvenient trip to an auto parts store.

Works Well in Many Diesel Blends

The marketplace offers many different diesel fuels, all with varying quality.  Diesel Recovery performs well in all diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), off-road and biodiesel.

Non-Corrosive, Alcohol-Free Formulation

Over extended use, alcohol has a tendency to degrade components of some fuel delivery systems.  Diesel Recovery contains no alcohol, making it safe for repeated treatments.  In addition, Diesel Recovery is non-corrosive and contains no chemicals that interact with fuel system components.  Corrosion can damage fuel system components and lead to prematurely-clogged fuel filters.

Safety in a Bottle

Diesel fuel quality varies from one filling station to the next, and low-quality fuel can have a cloud point as high as 40 deg. F (4 deg. C).  Keeping a bottle of AMSOIL Diesel Recovery on-board is cheap insurance.  Avoid the need to be towed to a service station or finding yourself stranded somewhere in subzero temperatures with disabled equipment.  Avoid costly towing charges and get diesel back on the road quickly.

Treat Rate

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is available in a 32 oz. bottle.  One bottle treats up to 30 gallons of fuel.  A case of Diesel Recovery contains twelve bottles.


  1. Remove existing fuel filter.
  2. Fill fuel filter with AMSOIL Diesel Recovery
  3. Reinstall fuel filter
  4. Add remaining Diesel Recovery to fuel tank.  If necessary, add more as required by treat rate recommendations
  5. Start engine and allow fuel system to circulate until full power has been restored  For even quicker restoration of power, install new fuel filter instead of using existing filter.

Product Warranty

AMSOIL products are backed by a Limited Liability Warranty.  For complete information, visit the AMSOIL Warranty Information Page.


AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is compatible with AFC-705, AFC-710 and AFC-805 Diesel Fuel Catalyst & Tank Cleaning Additives. 

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery

• Quickly Dissolves Gelled Fuel
• Thaws Frozen Fuel Filters
• Performs Well in ULSD, Off-Road
& Biodiesel
• Alcohol-Free
• Non-Corrosive

Purchasing AMSOIL Diesel Recovery

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is not available for purchase through the shopping cart on the website, but may be purchased using the AMSOIL web site.  The following Purchase Diesel Recovery button will take you to the AMSOIL website and the Diesel Recovery purchase page:

Note that an AMSOIL Preferred Customer price is available that will give you a 23% discount off the retail price.  Click Here for Details.