FC Series High Volume
Fuel, Oil and Water Treatment

FC Series Technology presents cost effective, non-chemical treatment for industrial and commercial Fuel, Oil & Water Systems.

FC Series Fuel ConditionersA variety of fluid instability factors cause the formation of insipient solids, sediments, and deposits that impact equipment performance and reliability in numerous applications.  The FC Series of fluid conditioners reverses these processes, reducing maintenance and downtime, performing fuel water treatment to increase productivity and reduce overall operating costs.


In Diesel Fuel Systems, less than optimal fuel quality leads to poor filterability and incomplete combustion causing excessive exhaust and particulate emissions. Symptoms of poor fuel quality are clogged filters, tank sludge, premature injector and injection pump failure, insufficient RPM and engine output. Injector and pump damage is mostly due to the build up of asphaltene and other organic fuel component deposits of 5 micron and smaller. Algae-X Fuel  conditioning and Fuel Management Systems keep fuel clean and reduce the particle size of these organic compounds improving filtration, combustion and fuel stability.FC Series Fuel Conditioner Installations

In Crude Oil production, transportation and storage systems MFC (Magnetic Fuel Conditioning) technology is implemented to reduce, prevent and eliminate deposits of paraffin, asphaltene, scale, B S & W and tank high bottoms. FC Series installations increase production flow, reduce downtime, extend maintenance intervals and in some instances prevent the necessity of mechanical or chemical treatment, the manual de-scaling of pumps and related equipment.

In Storage Tanks & Pipelines the application of MFC technology enhances oil water separation, eliminates the need for costly toxic biocides and reduces drag in pipe lines. FC Series systems significantly reduce corrosion & pitting, prevent and eliminate the formation of sludge & tank high bottoms and extend tank-cleaning intervals.

In Lube Oil & Hydraulic Fluid filtration and treatment equipment, MFC based recirculating systems (like FPS Compact Series or STS Series Automated Enclosed Systems) are implemented to improve the filterability, stability and service life of the oil. These systems significantly reduce maintenance & downtime, improving system reliability, extending replacement intervals of coalescer & filter elements.

In Water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers calcium carbonate and other dissolved salts form scale deposits. The traditional approach to de-scaling and scale prevention has been the continuous use of costly chemicals, or acid treatment and the manual removal of scale deposits. In-line installations of FC Sereis systems offer a cost effective, safe and environmentally sound alternative. Non-chemical MFC water treatment and de-scaling systems change and inhibit the formation of calcite, promoting the formation of another forma of calcium carbonate crystals (aragonite). This material is not sticky, much smaller and easily removed during blow down.

FC Series Fuel Conditioner - Flange

FC Series Fuel Conditioner - Threaded

For additional information on the effectiveness of the FC Series of Fuel Conditioners, review the LG-X Series Fuel Conditioning Page on this web site. The FC Series Fuel Conditioner units are manufactured and priced to order. Please call for a quote for your application.

FC Model







Ports (NPT) (FLG) (P)

1 1/2″



4″ FLG

6″ FLG


Length (L)







Dia­meter (D)

2 3/8″

3 1/2″

4 1/2″

4 1/2″

6 5/8″


Max Flow Rate (GPM)







Weight (lbs)






FC Series Fuel Conditioner - Thread
FC Series Fuel Conditioner - Flange

Standard pressure ratings are 150 psi, and up to 3000 PSI is available upon request. All housing material is stainless steel and the magnetic material is neodymium. Larger equipment for pipelines and tank farms is built to customer specifications.

FC Series Installation