TK Series Portable and
MTC Series Mobile Fuel Hose

Available for MTC Series Systems:

The intake/suction hose used on the MTC Series Mobile Tank Cleaners (MTC Cart Mounted Systems as well as the MTC HC Pallet Mounted Systems) is made of clear, see-through reinforced Poly-Wire PVC. The return hose is blue, non-marking, high quality, LOL Plus fuel hose.

MTC HoseThe hoses included when the Systems are purchased are equipped with quick disconnect couplings on both ends. The hoses priced on this page do not include the quick disconnect hose couplings. The prices shown on the right is for the hose only. If you purchase additional hose at the time  that you purchase a TC Series or MTC Series System, the hose will be included as an extended length of the hoses included in the System being purchased (i.e.: if the System is one sold with 25 feet of hose, and you include in your purchase 15 feet of hose as a separate item on your order, the hose will be shipped as a 40 foot long hose with couplings on each end. Hose purchased without a system will not include the quick disconnect couplings. Contact us if you wish to add couplings to both ends of the purchased hose.  Many orders for hose are placed with couplings on each end so that the extra length can be added to the original hose length only when required.

  • SH 1.0 – 1″ Clear Vacuum (Suction) Hose – Standard on MTC 500 and MTC 1000
  • SH 1.5 – 1 1/2″ Clear Vacuum (Suction) Hose – Standard on MTC  3000 and MTC X
  • SH 2.0 – 2″ Clear Vacuum (Suction) Hose – Standard on MTC HC 50 and MTC HC 90
  • SH 3.0 – 3″ Clear Vacuum (Suction) Hose – Standard on MTC HC 150
  • DH 0.375 – 3/8″ Flexible Discharge Hose – Standard on Automatic Water System Discharge between Water Pump and Discharge Water Storage Barrel
  • DH 0.75 – 3/4″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose – Standard on MTC 500
  • DH 1.0 – 1″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose -Standard on MTC 1000
  • DH 1.25 – 1 1/4″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose – Standard on MTC 3000 and MTC-X
  • DH 2.0 – 2″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose 25 – Standard on MTC 50 and MTC 90
  • DH 2.5 – 2 1/2″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose – Standard on MTC 150

Available for TK Series System:

Hose for the TK Series Systems are not equipped with couplings as the TK Series Systems use a hose barb connection and two standard hose clamps are supplied with the system.  A standard double barb fitting may be used to provide extended length.  Note the lift capability of the TK Series pump is limited as the hose length increases.

  • TK 050 1/2″ Clear Reinforced Vaccum (Suction) Hose
  • TK-051 1/2″ Flexible Pressure (Discharge) Hose