Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems

Stored Diesel Fuel

In any application where diesel powered engines provide the horsepower to get the job done, the horsepower must be ready to run on called upon.  And the power must be there for the duration of the critical need.  All Diesel Engines depend on stored fuel.  The storage tank may be mounted conveniently to the diesel engine, as in most diesel powered equipment used for construction, mining, farming, marine vessels, etc.  The storage tank may also be part of the equipment itself, such as the base (or “belly”) tank common to a diesel generator installation that may provide primary or backup emergency power for a critical operation that must operate through intermittent interruptions of power.

Larger tank installations, either above or below ground, often provide substantial diesel fuel holding capability from 500 gallons to 50,000 gallons or more.  These tanks may be used for distribution to equipment on a job site, or distribution by tanker truck to distant locations.  The size and use may vary greatly, but all diesel fuel tanks have a common problem.

Diesel Fuel Degrades Rapidly

Stored diesel fuel, whether stored for a short time or for a more extended period, begins degrading when it leaves the refinery.  Caterpillar, who knows a thing or two about diesel powered equipment, recommends a maximum storage period of one year from production for distillate ULSD diesel fuel, and a maximum of 6 months from production for bio-diesel and blended bio-diesel when stored at temperatures below 68 deg. F (20 deg. C).  At higher temperatures, the shelf life of diesel fuel may be cut in half!  See the Article The Real Story of Bad Diesel Fuel on this web site.

Microbial Contamination

In addition, stored diesel fuel develops contamination of water from moisture drawn in through tank vents, which leads to the development of microbial and fungal growth that causes filter clogging, excessive smoke, reduced performance, and acid formation leading to fuel injector problems.  See the Article Diesel Fuel and Injector Failure on this web site.

Diesel Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems

AXI (formerly Algae-X) has engineered Fuel Maintenance Systems that address these problems and are designed for every tank size, configuration, and application.  The following provides links to additional details on the use and operation of these systems.  There is one that will fit your needs.

TK Series Portable Hand-Held Fuel Polishing System

The TK-240 XT is a 12 volt system that circulates diesel fuel at 240 gallons per hour.  The XT package includes 15 feet of suction and discharge hose, a handy spill tray and one 8 oz. bottle of AFC-710 Diesel Fuel Catalyst & Tank Cleaning Additive.  This system is ideal for fuel tanks up to 1,250 gallons.  This system is also ideal for the individual that has one or two tanks on a farm, a small construction company, or an equipment rental or repair shop that works on diesel powered equipment.

TK-240 XT Tank Cleaning System

TK 240 XT Hand Held Portable Fuel Polishing System

MTC Series Mobile Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing Systems

The MTC Cart Mounted Systems are available in four (4) variants with capacity of moving 480 gallons per hour to 1,560 gallons per hour.  These system offer the maximum in flexibility for cleaning tanks.  These are very popular with commercial tank cleaning companies, marinas, truck repair facilities and operations that provide periodic maintenance on backup power generators.  All MTC Systems feature multi-stage water removal, particulate filtration and fuel conditioning.  The system includes 25 feet of both suction and discharge hose and utilize cam and groove connections.  A spill containment tray minimizes spillage when changing filters and have a secondary discharge connection (or a valve) that bypasses the spin-on secondary filters allowing for reduced disposable filter expense.  Available in 110v/60Hz or 230v/50Hz power.

MTC X Mobile Tank Cleaning System

The MTC-X Mobile Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing System

MTC HC Series Pallet & Skid Mounted Fuel Polishing Systems

The MTC HC Systems are mobile pallet mounted systems and are available in three variants.  The 50 and 90 GPM systems utilize a single pallet, and the 150 GPM system uses two pallets with a connection hose.  The 300 GPM System is a skid mounted system.  All systems utilize a primary bag filter, a secondary centrifugal water separator/purifier, and a tertiary fine filter.  Multiple discharge ports allow for the bypassing of the fine filters until the bulk of contaminants are removed with primary and secondary filtration.  The MTC HC 50 system utilizes a pneumatic pump (air supply by customer) and multiple electric power configurations are available for the MTC HC 90, 150 and 300.

MTC HC-150 Pallet Mounted Tank Cleaning System

The MTC HC 150 Pallet Mounted Fuel Polishing System

FPS Series Compact Automatic Fuel Polishing Systems

The FPS Compact Series are wall mounted Fuel Polishing Systems available in seven (7) variants ranting from 80 gallons per hour up to 900 gallons per hour.  Three (3) systems are 12 Volt or 24 Volt powered and three (3) are available in either 110v/60hz or 230v/50hz.  The highest capacity FPS CX-F is available only in 230v/50hz.  All are equipped with a controller that allow for programming fuel polishing and sensors to alert when filters require attention, shut down due to restricted flow (filter change required) or detection of a leak.  Options are available to clean base or “belly” tanks using a multi-path flow control system that assures tanks are thoroughly cleaned regardless of number or placement of internal tank baffles or tank support obstructions.

The FPS MX-F Compact Fuel Polishing System

STS Series Automated and Enclosed Fuel Maintenance Systems

The STS Series is available in two levels of service differentiated primarily by the capabilities of the Programmable Logic Controller:

The STS 6000 Series is available in seven (7) configurations ranging from 120 gallons per hour up to 2,400 gallons per hour.  One variant is designed for use with a customer provided in-tank pump.  The Filtration Controller provides automated and programmable operation and unique safety and alarm features.  The STS 6010 has multi-tank maintenance capabilities.

The STS 7000 Series is available in five (5) configurations ranging from 240 gallons per hour up to 2,400 gallons per hour.  All variants are capable of automated cleaning of multiple tanks, with the STS 7010, 7020, 7030, and 7040 capable of managing the maintenance of up to four separate tanks.  The Series 7000 features an advanced automated touch-screen controller with Modbus, TCP/IP, LAN and internet connectivity for advanced alerts and messaging.

All STS Systems may be equipped with optional features including stainless steel enclosures, automatic water drain of fuel water separators, enclosure heaters, and more.

STS 7010 Enclosed Automated Fuel Maintenance System

STS 7010 Series Advanced Automated & Enclosed Fuel Maintenance System