High Flow Filtration and
Bulk Fuel / Water Separation

Take the Solution to Your Fuel Tank Problem

The processing/refining, long-term storage and bulk transportation (by truck, rail car, barge, etc.) of Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Jet A, Jet A1, JP4, JP5, JP8, Kerosene, Gasoline, and Other Lubricating or Hydraulic Hydrocarbon Fluids can result in contamination, degradation, water separation and more. Old storage tanks can harbor thick fuel components that can pose expensive problems and bad public relations with customers. Distributors should assure the fuel being loaded into the truck is reasonably water-free and uncontaminated, but the customer should also assure that deliveries do not include unwanted contamination. Quality Control is the responsibility of parties on both the sending and receiving end of the transfer.

Being a hydrocarbon distillate, diesel fuel is an organic liquid and is therefore susceptible to biological growth and, over time, degradation and deterioration even with chemical treatments. Degraded fuel left in storage results in clogged filters, floating tank debris (sometimes erroneously referred to as “algae”), and thick, gooey sludge accumulations in the bottom of tanks. When this combination of sludge and slime gets stirred up and enters the fuel pick up line, accumulations on the surface of the fuel filtering media results in clogged filters, reduced performance, and extreme exhaust smoke. Long-term contamination results in other byproducts, like acids, that corrode injectors and other fuel system components.

Magnetic Fluid Conditioning, High Flow Filtration and Bulk Fuel/Water Separation can greatly reduce the problems for distributors and customers, but time is money and small filtration equipment just does not provide the capabilities to treat high volumes of materials in a short period of time. Maintenance professionals know that Total Fuel System Management must include high volume and bulk fuel treatment as far upstream in the production, transport and distribution process as possible to assure quality fuel being provided to the end-user.

FC Series Magnetic Fluid Conditioner

A variety of fluid instability factors cause the formation of incipient solids, sediments, and deposits that impact equipment performance and reliability in numerous applications.

The FC Series of Fluid Conditioners reverses these processes, reducing maintenance and downtime, to increase productivity and reduce overall operating costs. Operating on the same theory and principals as the LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners, the FC Series is a line of Fuel Conditioners made-to-order for larger installations in-line on feed lines larger than two inch (2″).  MFC Technology presents cost effective, non-chemical treatment for industrial and commercial Fuel, Oil & Water Systems. FC Series equipment ranges in size from 2″ female or male thread connectors up to large diameter flanged spool pieces for ocean going ships, pipelines and tank farms. Standard pressure ratings range from 150 PSI to 3000 PSI.

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PF Series Filter Systems

PF Series Pre-Filter Bag VesselsThe PF Series Bag Filtration Vessels are a large capacity, heavy-duty pre-filters for removing heavy sludge and debris from fuel or other hydro-carbon fluids upstream from pumps and before distribution to operating equipment

The PF Series Systems, are equipped with a vacuum gauge, shut-off and drain valves and utilizes felt or multifilament mesh to remove heavy particulate and sludge from 1500 micron down to 1 micron. A perforated, stainless steel strainer basket is also included. Utilizing inexpensive filter “socks”, filtration cost is greatly reduced in situations where extraordinary amounts of sludge and other contaminants are common. Remove the big pieces before it ruins your expensive equipment. Maximum Flow capacity is up to 30 GPM for the PF-10HD, 90 GPM for the PF-30HD, and 120 GPM for the PF-40HD Bag Filter Vessels. Cart mounted PF-10HD and PF-30HD models for easy transport are also available.

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FV Series High Flow Filtration Systems

FV Series High Volume Filtration VesselsThe FV Series High Pressure & High Capacity Fine Filter Systems are molded from durable carbon steel and provides cost effective large capacity, heavy-duty pre-screening for tank cleaning jobs or inline full-line filtration where fuel sources are inconsistent and provide ongoing quality problems. Removes extraordinary amounts of sludge, rust scale, and other contaminants to protect your equipment. Flow rates available include FV-120 with maximum flow of 120-GPM, the FV-150 with maximum flow of 150-GPM, the FV-300 (Viking 3F) with maximum flow of 300-GPM, and the FV-500 (Viking 4F) with maximum flow of 500-GPM.  These housing utilize from one to eight 6″ by 18″ filtration elements to assure higher flows are fully filtered and your equipment is protected.

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