Learn More About Conditioning Diesel Fuel

  • Magnetic Fluid Conditioners — Understand the theory of operation of magnets on fuel, and how they change the hydrocarbon molecule (especially that of degraded fuel) to achieve more complete combustion, cleaner exhaust and fuel economy.

  • Why Bacteria Hate Magnets — Problems in fuel caused by microbial contamination becomes a thing-of-the-past with ALGAE-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioning. Although the elimination of microbial contamination is only a small part of what occurs during fuel polishing, it is a critical element to realizing optimal performance and efficient engine operation.

  • Clogged Filters & Dirty Tanks — The development and consequences of microbial growth and degraded fuel.

  • Knowing When You Have Contamination — You don’t have to be a microbiologist to detect and control fuel system microbial contamination.

  • Uncontrolled Contamination Eats Earnings — Unless you’ve had a fuel filter become so slimed-up that you couldn’t pump fuel through it, you’re probably confident that you don’t have microbial contamination/degraded fuel in your fuel tanks. Chances are you’re wrong.