01810 Separ 10-Micron Filter Element for SWK 2000/18 & 130 Fuel Filter/Water Separator (AA-1698)


1810 Separ 10-Micron Filter Element for SWK 2000/18 & 130 Fuel Filter/Water Separator


  • Separ OEM 10-Micron Fuel Filter Elements (Part No. 01810) are sized for use in the Separ 2000 Series SWK 2000/18 Fuel Filter/Water Separator. This Separ filter is designed to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel engines.
  • This Separ 01810 Filter Element removes particulates larger than 10 microns from diesel fuel in trucks, equipment, generators, marine vessels, etc.
  • The Separ Fuel Filter element is rated at up to 285 GPH (1,080 LPH).  Maintaining a Fuel Filter with low restriction reduces wear on fuel pumps and ensures full engine RPMs.
  • Separ filters can reduce down time and will reduce costly element changes because the filter can be back-flushed (cleanable) in accordance with Separ instructions. (See the Separ Fuel Filter Page for more details).
  • When used as directed, the Separ SWK 2000/18 Fuel Filter/Water Separator will ensure 99.9% water separation at maximum flow.
  • This filter, stacked one on top of the other, is also used in the Separ 2000/130 Fuel Filter/Water Separator.
  • Available in single-filter packaging and in case quantity (12 filters)
  • Dimensions:  5 13/16 in. x 5 7/8 in. x 2 1/8 in. (147.64 mm x 5.88 mm x 53.98 mm)
  • Separ SKU: 59-01810


Changing a Fuel Filter is a great time to change the Lid Gasket and/or the Bowl Gasket on your SWK 2000/18 or SWK 2000-130.  The following links will take you to the page for ordering replacement gaskets:

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Separ SWK 2000/130 Lid Gasket

Separ SWK 2000/18 Bowl Gasket

Separ SWK 2000/130 Bowl Gasket


Learn more about the Separ SWK 2000/18 and the Separ SWK 2000/130

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