AFC-705 Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Treatment & Tank Cleaning Additive


AFC-705 Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Fuel Treatment & Tank Cleaning Additive


AFC-705 is a Powerful Highly Concentrated Fuel Additive that preserves both gasoline and diesel fuel quality.  It has a unique formulation that cleans carbon deposits, stabilizes fuel, prevents development of corrosion, extends engine life and works to remove residual water and prevents microbial contamination of fuel.

  • Detergent:  Cleans up and prevents carbon deposits, protecting engines from power loss and preventing filter plugging caused by thermal stressing.
  • Fuel Stabilizer: Stabilizes fuel for up to 12 months, preventing oxidation and gum formation.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor:  Prevents corrosion from developing in the engine and fuel tank.
  • Lubricity Enhancer:  Extends engine life by reducing wear on moving parts through the addition of lubrication compounds in the fuel.
  • Dispersant:  Enhances the breakdown of fuel contaminants, such as sludge, that develop in the tank.
  • Surfactant:  through the addition of lubrication compounds in the fuel.


Formulated for use in gasoline engines and for diesel engines manufactured before 2007.

One gallon treats 5,000 gallons (8 oz treats 320 gallons and 1/2 oz treats 20 gallons) of diesel fuel or gasoline for ongoing preventative maintenance.  A double dose is recommended for first-time applications.

Note:  A 55-Gallon Drum contains 53 gallons of AFC-705 liquid to allow for thermal expansion.  Available by Special Order only.

For more information, visit our AFC-Series Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Treatment and Tank Cleaning Additives page.

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8 oz. bottle (AA0935), 1 gallon jug (AA0933), 5 gallon pail (AA0934), 55 gallon drum (AA0936)