DC-RS-15-RK – Rebuild Kit for DC-RS-15 Breather


DC-RS-15-RK – Rebuild Kit for DC-RS-15 Desiccant Vent Breather


The Rebuild Kit for the DC-RS-15 Desiccant Vent Breather includes the following:

  • One  (1) fifteen pound desiccant bag
  • One 1-Micron pleated microglass filter element
  • One replacement gasket
  • One replacement foam pad
  • One replacement site glass indicator


It is recommended that a pressure/relief valve be installed/maintained on any tank or storage system.

Note: The manufacturer does not recommend keeping Desiccant Vent Breather Rebuild Kits “on the shelf” for even a short period of time as it is possible for moisture to enter the packaging and shorten the useful life of the rebuild kit. Order these Kits for your DC-RS-xx Desiccant Vent Breather when the site glass indicator has mostly turned pink or you are nearing a regularly scheduled rebuild. Because of this situation, we do not inventory Desiccant Vent Breather Rebuild Kits. We special order these Kits from the manufacturer when we receive a request, and typically can ship a freshly packed Kit to you in 5 to 7 business days after an order is placed.

For more information, visit the Desiccant Breather Vent page

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs