Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Fill-Hose Filter Kit with Pressure Gauge & Vent Breather – Between 351 & 500 Gallon Tank


Fuel Tank Hose Fill Filtration Kit with Desiccant Fuel Tank Breather


The Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Fill-Hose Filter Kit is designed for use on the down-stream side of the fill hose pump of tanks used to fill equipment, such as a farming operations, construction companies, equipment rental companies, equipment dealers, or  any other business that may have a fuel tank (mobile or fixed) with a capacity of between 351 and 500 gallons in storage capacity and a pump rate up to 40 gpm.  For Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks moderately over 500 gallons, utilize a “T” Fitting manifold and use two Desiccant Breathers.  For larger tanks, consider the Rebuildable Steel Desiccant Breathers, engineered for tanks ranging from 800 to 75,000 gallons.

This Fill Hose Filter Kit includes the following items:


The CI-20L Pressure Gauge will be pre-mounted to the top of the Filter Mount Head.  The filter head must be mounted on the pressure side of the pump (not the suction side of the pump).  As the Spin-On Filter accumulates particulates and debris from the fuel flow, the resistance of the fuel flow will increase and be reflected in higher psi readings.  When the resistance to flow reaches 25 psi, the filter element should be removed and replaced with a new filter element.  Additional FF-10 Spin-On Fine Filters may be purchased at the above link for the Spin-On Filter.

The DC-4 Desiccant Breather filters air that is drawn into the fuel tank as fuel is removed from the tank and as temperature changes result in the expansion and compression of the fuel, causing the tank to breather.  Particulates and moisture is drawn into the tank is captured and held by the Desiccant Breather.  When the blue crystals have changed to pink, the breather has absorbed its capacity of moisture and should be replaced.

For specific information on the components of this Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Fill-Hose Filter Kit, follow the links in the above listing.

Consider adding one or more of the following optional Fuel Maintenance items to your order:

  • The LG-X 3000 Fuel Conditioner to prevent microbial and fungal growth in equipment fuel tanks and the formation of tank sludge, bio film, and acids in your equipment fuel tanks.  Learn more about what a Fuel Conditioner can do for you at the LG-X Series Magnetic Fuel Conditioners page.
  • The AFC-Series of Diesel Fuel Catalyst and Tank Cleaning Additives eliminate microbial & fungal contamination, clogged fuel filters and prevent the buildup of sludge in fuel storage and delivery systems.
  • The WE-12 Water Eliminator is a disposable tool that is inserted into your fuel tank (tethered to the inside of your fuel cap) and absorbs water from the tank bottom for removal.  Inspect periodically and when the crystals swell with water, remove for disposal and replace with another.  Suitable for storage tanks, mobile distribution tanks, or equipment tanks.


If you think your fuel tank has water accumulation in the tank bottom, your diesel fuel has been in storage for more than one year, or your fuel filters are not lasting as long as they should, review the Guide to Cleaning a Fuel Tank for additional information.  Other Guides to dealing with Diesel Fuel is available.  See the Guides Menu item.

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