FP Series – Centrifugal Fuel / Water Separators

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FP Centrifugal Fuel / Water Separtor


The FP Series Centrifugal / Fuel Water Separators utilizes the principal of a centrifuge to cause the fuel to spin within the cylinder.  The denser substances are forced to the outside wall of the cylinder (the heavier water droplets and particles) where they fall to the bottom of the unit.  The less dense fluid (diesel fuel) is displaced to the center and continues through the outlet port.

The “free water” (droplets) and heavy debris (sludge) is removed with the bottom drain hole using the ball valve.  Emulsified water, mixed in with the fuel, does not separate and would be removed by the coalescing or Water Block fuel filters later in the fuel polishing cycle.  The FP Series units do an excellent job of removing larger quantities of free water and the heavy debris down to about 5 to 10 microns without the use of any disposable element, saving substantially in operating cost.

Note:  The FP-15 version of the FP Series Centrifugal/ Fuel Water Separator has been discontinued.

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Flow Capacity

FP15 – 14.5 GPM, FP40 – 39.6 GPM, FP90 – 90 GPM, Heavy Duty Stand for FP90