FPS LX-F – Compact Fuel Polishing System – 600 GPH – 120V 60Hz & 230V 50 Hz


FPS LX-F Smart Fuel Polishing System – 110V / 60 Hz or 230V / 50 Hz – a Crate Charge of $296.00 is included in the price


The FPS LX-F Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning System has the following features:

  • Flow Rate:  600 GPH / 2,000 LPH
  • Ideal Tank Size: 6,000 to 15,000 gallons (22,700 to 56,800 ltrs)
  • Power:  Available in either 110 V / 60 Hz (15 Amp) or 230V / 50 Hz (15 Amp)
  • Primary Filtration:  Separ SWK 2000/40 Fuel Filter / Water Separator
  • Pressure Gauge:  Primary Filter to alert for filter changes
  • Fuel Conditioner:  LG-X 3000
  • Secondary Filters:  3-Micron Particulate (Part No. FF-3), 10-Micron Particulate (Part No. FF-10) , 25-Micron Particulate (Part No. FF-25), 3-Micron Absolute “X-Glass” Particulate (Part No. FFZ-3), 3-Micron Water Block (Part No. WB-3), and 10-Micron Water Block (Part No. WB-10)
  • Controller:  SFC-55 Automated Filtration Controller
  • Alert/System Shut Down:  Leak Detection, High Vacuum & High Pressure
  • For more information, go to the FPS LX-F Compact Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning System page


The Optional Automatic Water Drain (AWD) System may be included in this system.  The AWD includes PLC Control, a WATECT 550 Water Sensor, water strainer, and a 15 gallon reservoir barrel.  The barrel includes an overflow protection switch to over-ride the drain process if the barrel is full.  A floor stand is available to support the barrel separately and a 200 watt strap heater is available separately to wrap around the barrel to help prevent the contents from freezing.

The Optional Manual Additive Injection System FPS LX-F OPT-MAI for injecting fuel treatments into the fuel as it is being circulated is available for the FPS LX-F System.  Contact us for additional information.

!WARNING! This system is not meant for use with gasoline or any other flammable liquids having a flash point less than 100°F (37.8° C).  Use with gasoline or any flammable liquids at a temperature exceeding their flash point presents an immediate explosion and fire hazard.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Power Requirements

120 Volt AC, 230 Volt AC

Optional Auto Water Drain (AWD) System

Do Not Include AWD, Add Option: FPS LX-F OPT-AWD – Water Drain System

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