FPS SX-F – Compact Fuel Polishing System – 150 GPH – 120V 60Hz & 230V 50 Hz


FPS SX-F Smart Fuel Polishing System – 120V / 60 Hz & 230V / 50 Hz – price includes $207.00 crate charge


The FPS SX-F Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning System has the following features:

  • Flow Rate:  150 GPH / 568 LPH
  • Ideal Tank Size: 500 to 2,000 gallons (1,900 to 7,600 ltrs)
  • Power:  Available in either 120 V / 60 Hz (15 Amp) or 230V / 50 Hz (15 Amp)
  • Pump: 1/3 HP Spur Gear Pump
  • Ports:  3/4 inch Equivalent – JIC 37 deg. Flare Inlet – 1/2 inch Equivalent – JIC 37 deg. Flare Outlet
  • Primary Filtration:  Separ SWK 2000/10KD Fuel Filter / Water Separator
  • Secondary Filtration:  Spin-On Filtration
  • Secondary Filtration:  3-Micron Water Block Spin-On Filter (Part No. WB-3) – 10-Micron Water Block Spin-On Filter (Part No. WB-10) – 3-Micron (Absolute) “X-Glass” Spin-On (Part No. FFZ-3) – 10-Micron Particulate Spin-On Filter (Part No. FF-10)
  • Suction Capability (Primed):  15 feet vertical lift or 100 feet horizontal run (lines >1 inch, primed)
  • Pressure Gauge:  Primary Filter to alert for filter changes
  • Fuel Conditioner:  LG-X 500
  • Controller:  SFC-50 Automated Filtration Controller
  • Alert/System Shut Down:  Leak Detection, High Vacuum & High Pressure
  • For more information, go to the FPS SX-F Compact Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning System product page


The Optional Automatic Water Drain (AWD) System may be included in this system.  The AWD includes PLC Control, a WATECT 550 Water Sensor, water strainer, and a 15 gallon reservoir barrel.  The barrel includes an overflow protection switch to over-ride the drain process if the barrel is full.  A floor stand is available to support the barrel separately and a 200 watt strap heater is available separately to wrap around the barrel to help prevent the contents from freezing.

!WARNING! This system is not meant for use with gasoline or any other flammable liquids having a flash point less than 100°F (37.8° C).  Use with gasoline or any flammable liquids at a temperature exceeding their flash point presents an immediate explosion and fire hazard.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Power Requirements

120 Volt AC, 230 Volt AC

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