MTC ASB – Spill Protection Berm (AA0811)


MTC ASB – Spill Protection Berm (AA-0811)


The MTC ASB Portable Berms are used with the MTC Cart Mounted Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems.  They protect the environment from fuel spillage during the fuel polishing process.  Containment berms are commonly used for clean-up operations.  The MTC ASB berms are easily placed under valves and fittings, trucks, drums and machinery.  It’s compact in design and light weight.  It is made from chemical resistant materials and allows for maximum portability on any job.  Meets ASTM certifications.  48″ x 49″ x 6″ (122 x 122 x 15 cm), has a Tongue Tear of 125 lbs (56.6 kg), Grab Tensile of 475 lbs (215 kg), and Dielectric Strength of 77.3 KV

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Weight 25 lbs