Separ Gauge Kits for Separ 2000 Fuel Filters/Water Separators


Separ Gauge Kits for the Separ SWK 2000 Series of Fuel Filters/Water Separators


Separ Gauge Kits mount on an unused Outlet Port of the Filter assembly.  A Gauge Kit includes two connector fittings and one Gauge. The Gauge is a Separ Vacuum/Pressure Gauge (old part #30652) and mounts upright as one of the fittings is a 90 deg. elbow.

Placement of the gauge at an outlet port allows for the easy removal of the lid of the Filter assembly. This is necessary to replace a filter element or a filter lid gasket. This installation arrangement is much easier compared to mounting the gauge on the lid, which has been a common practice in the past.  It also  eliminates the chance of damaging the gauge if the lid is dropped during a filter change.

Note that a Duplex Assembly will require two (2) gauge kits, one on each Filter assembly.

There are four Gauge Kits available.  Choose from the drop-down menu which Gauge Kit is designated for your chosen Separ SWK 2000 filter model:

•  Part # 14-0001 for the SWK 2000/5 or the SWK 2000/5/50 models with UNF Threads

•  Part # 14-0002 for the SWK 2000/10 model with UNF threads

•  Part # 14-0003 for the SWK 2000/18 model with UNF threads

•  Part # 14-0004 for the SWK 2000/40 with METRIC threads

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