SWK-2000/18MK-G – Separ Fuel Filter/Water Separator – 285 GPH

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SWK-2000/18MK-G – Separ Fuel Filter/Water Separator – 285 GPH (1,080 LPH)


Separ 285 GPH (1,080LPH), 1 1/16″ 12 Straight O-Ring SAE (requires #12 MORB) Ports, Fuel Filter/Water Separator equipped with Metal Bowl with water contacts and Vacuum Gauge.

  • Separ 2000 series water separators fuel filters are a simple solution to many different fuel related problems.
  • Five separate stages of filtration ensure 99.9% water separation (Certified TUV Report using SAE J1839) at maximum flow.
  • Low restriction reduces wear on fuel pumps and ensures full RPMs.
  • Backflushable (cleanable) element reduces down time and costly element changes.
  • Uses one (1) 1810, 1830, or 1860S Filter Element.
  • Marine version with U.S. Coast Guard-accepted metal heat deflector.
  • Compatible with B100 bio-diesel.
  • Standard with 30-micron element

Vacuum Gauge not shown in picture.

View Separ SWK-2000/18 Specification Sheet (.pdf)

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Weight 12 lbs