WE-B31 Storage Tank Model Water Eliminator Replacement Filler Cartridge (AA0874)


WE-S31 Storage Tank Water Eliminator Contains Crystals that Absorb Water From Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Kerosene or Hydraulic Fluid

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The WE-B31 (Manufacturers Part No. ST-B31) Storage Tank Model Water Eliminator Replacement Cartridge is the refill for the disposable cartridge that captures water from inside the WE-S31 Storage Tank Model Water Eliminator.  The crystals contained inside the Water Eliminator replacement cartridge are water specific and will swell encapsulating the water until the cartridge is full. Water specific means they will only absorb the water in your fuel tank.  These crystals will not absorb or adversely affect gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, JP5 or hydraulic oil.  The WE-S31 Storage Tank Model is ideal for fuel tanks over 1,000 gallons and is the most cost effective way to remove water from Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Kerosene or Hydraulic Fluid.

The WE-B31 Replacement Cartridge will capture and hold up to one gallon of water.

The Water Eliminator presents an easy and economical solution for removing water from tanks used to store fuel.  It may be installed in equipment tanks, fuel stored in day tanks to meet surge demand, or larger storage tanks.  Maintaining fuel free from water reduces the potential for microbial contamination and accumulation of sludge in tanks.

Check your Storage Tank Water Eliminator at each tank fill. If the unit is empty, your tank is water free. Leave it in place until nearly full, then discard in a proper receptacle and replace it with a new one. (Disposal in accordance with local and federal regulations.)

It helps prevent problems caused by water contamination in fuel tanks including:

  • Plugged Fuel Filters
  • Fuel-line Freeze-up
  • Damaged Fuel Pumps & Injectors
  • Growth of Microbial Contamination
  • Loss of Power
  • Corrosion
  • Down Time

Two 39 inch (1 meter) lanyards with snap hooks on one end and a loop on the other are included with each WE-12 Water Eliminator.  Attach one end of a lanyard to the WE-12, and the other inside the fuel cap or similar easy to reach location.  Connect lanyards for deep tanks.  Any number of Water Eliminators may be “daisy chained” together for large tanks.  A metal rod is included in each Water Eliminator to assure it sets on the bottom of the fuel tank.  A fill cap opening of 1.85 inches (4.7 cm) is required.

NOTE:  The manufacturer of the WE-B31 Storage Tank Water Eliminator has closed.  We have a limited inventory of these water Replacement Cartridges.  When they are sold, we will no longer be able to make them available to you.  Please call us if you wish to make a purchase of more than one and we will check our limited inventory and make sure we can fulfill your order.

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