Z-Enc-Heater-100 – 100 Watt Enclosure Heater


Z-Enc-Heater-100-115  or 100-230 – 100 Watt Enclosure Heater


The 100 Watt Enclosure Heater will maintain a safe environment within the “single wide” enclosures of the STS 6000 P-35, STS 6000 SX-F, STS 6004, and the STS 7004.  The “double wide” enclosures of the other STS Systems should use the 400 Watt Enclosure Heater.  During cold temperatures protecting the Fuel Maintenance System components is critical to reduced maintenance and long service life.  This heater is not a fuel heater.  Available in 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz

Additional information

Weight N/A
Power Requirements

115V / 60 Hz, 230V / 50Hz