• AFC Series Fuel Additives

    AFC Series Fuel Additives (3)

    AFC Series Tank Cleaning & Fuel Stabilizing Additives AFC is a line of highly concentrated fuel additive formulas designed to improve engine performance while addressing a wide range of issues such as fuel contamination, harmful emissions, and cold weather gelling.
  • APS-Tank Access Plate System

    APS-Tank Access Plate System (2)

    Access Plate System The Access Plate System allows for access to fuel tanks to perform Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning.  They are available in 6, 8, and 10 inch cover-plate diameters (providing 4, 6, and 8 inch hole openings) and in either aluminum or stainless steel. If your fuel tank has a number of baffles, as some marine and generator…
  • Desiccant Breathers

    Desiccant Breathers (25)

    Desiccant Fuel Storage Tank Breathers Fuel Tank Breathers stop the flow of air containing moisture and micro-organisms, bacterial growth, fungal growth, enzyme activity, yeast, mold, pollen and other microbial organic components, as well as dirt, grit and other particulates.  The Desiccant Breathers are available in two configurations: • Disposable Breathers -- single use breathers for use with fuel storage tanks…
  • Fill Hose Filter/Breather Kits

    Fill Hose Filter/Breather Kits (3)

    Fuel Hose Filtration and Fuel Storage Tank Desiccant Breather Kit A Special Kit for use with small-to-medium size diesel fuel tanks to be mounted inline on the fuel fill hose.  This package includes: •  one Spin On 10-Micron Particulate Filter •  one Spin-On Filter Mount Head that is equipped with a Pressure Gauge installed to alert when the filter requires…
  • Filter Elements

    Filter Elements (65)

    Replacement Fuel Filter Elements, Filter Cartridges, and Filter Bags for Fuel Filter Housings •  Filter Bags for PF Series Vessels •  Goldenrod Cartridge Filters •  JPM Cartridge Filters (for FV-Series High Flow Filter Vessels •  Separ Filter Cartridges •  Spin-On Long Filters (11 inch long filters) •  Spin-On Short Filters (8 1/2 inch long filters) •  Racor FBO Series Filter…
  • Filter Head (Mount) for Spin On Filters

    Filter Head (Mount) for Spin On Filters (3)

    Filter Heads for Spin-On Filter Elements - single and double filter Heads
  • Filtration & System Controllers

    Filtration & System Controllers (3)

    Filtration and System Controllers Filtration and System Controllers are an integral part of the advanced Fuel Polishing Systems.  They are used on the FPS, STS, and MTC Series Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems.  Systems can monitor operational functions to assure safe and efficient operations such as: • run time • fuel flow • pressure • suction (vacuum) • filter…
  • Filtration Vessels - High Flow

    Filtration Vessels - High Flow (7)

    High Flow Filtration Vessels • PF-Series Medium Flow Bag Filters • FV-Series High Flow Filtering Equipment
  • Flow Meters

    Flow Meters (6)

    Digital Flow Meters Digital flow Meters are available from 0.3 up to 300 Gallons per Minute Flow, 1/2" port up to 2" port.
  • Fluid Sampling

    Fluid Sampling (4)

    Fluid Sampling Equipment • "Bacon Bomb" type Stainless Steel Tank Fluid Samplers -- available in 4-oz, 60 oz, and 16 oz. Sample Capacity • Hand-held Vacuum Sampler Pump -- Sample bottles are available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, and tubing is available.  May be used with fuel, kerosene, J8, hydraulic oils, lube oils, and similar fluids.
  • Fuel Conditioners

    Fuel Conditioners (16)

    LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners • Port adapters allowing use with BSP thread hose/pipe connections • Spar part kits -- 0-ring and screw replacements
  • Fuel Filter - Water Separators

    Fuel Filter - Water Separators (34)

    Fuel Filter / Water Separators Equipment, Cleanable Filter Screens, and Filtration Vessels
  • Fuel Pumps

    Fuel Pumps (7)

    Fuel Pumps DC / AC Powered Fuel Pumps are available in several configurations.  Various Rebuild Kits are also available for most fuel pumps.
  • Fuel Tank Maintenance Systems

    Fuel Tank Maintenance Systems (46)

    Fuel Tank Maintenance Systems Fuel Tank Maintenance Systems are available in four configurations to match your installation or tank servicing requirements • TK Series Hand Held Portable Tank Cleaning System • FPS Series Compact Automatic Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing System • MTC Series Mobil Tank Cleaning in Cart Mounted and Pallet Mounted configurations • STS Series Advanced Automated &…
  • Fuel Testing

    Fuel Testing (3)

    Fuel Testing is critical to assuring your fuel is in optimal condition: Liqui-Cult - Economically test Diesel Fuel and Bio-Fuel for Microbial Growth FuelStat - Obtain fuel test results in minutes Water Finding Paste - Determine if and how much water is in the bottom of your fuel tank
  • Gauges

    Gauges (10)

    Pressure, Vacuum and Compound Gauges
  • Hose

    Hose (12)

    Suction and Pressure Hose Extensions or Replacement Replacement or additional suction and pressure (discharge) hose for various Systems - when ordered with system, the added hose purchased will extend the length of of hose supplied with the system.
  • Multi-Point Flow Path

    Multi-Point Flow Path (3)

    Multi-Point Flow Path Package The Multi-Point Flow Path Package is an add-on option for cleaning base tanks that have incorporated structural supports in the tanks to support a top-mounted generator housing.  The following FPS Series Compact Systems are compatible for use with the Multi-Point Flow Path System with certain add-on components
  • Power Converter

    Power Converter (2)

    Universal Power Converters Universal power converter AC (90 to 305 V AC) power input to 12 V (16A) DC power output with built-in active PFC function. Protects against: short circuit, over current, over voltage and over temperature. Designed for indoor or outdoor installations (suitable for dry / damp / wet locations). 5-Year manufacturers warranty
  • Rotor Sight Glass

    Rotor Sight Glass (1)

    RG Series Rotor Sight Glass The RG Series of Rotor Sight Glass are low pressure bronze single window threaded Rotators. The paddle-wheel indicator used for clear media to enhance flow indication. The RG Series Rotor Sight Glass may be installed for flow in either direction.
  • Water Eliminator

    Water Eliminator (1)

    Water Eliminator The Water Eliminator absorbs water out of petroleum fluids. It helps prevent problems caused by water contamination in fuel tanks
  • Water Sensor

    Water Sensor (2)

    Water Sensor Alarm Modules The WATECT 550 Water Sensor Alarm Module helps detect water in fuel.  It connects to the filter / water separator and provides an audible alarm